About Us

The Commercial Bar Law Association is a resource that is utilized when a company or an individual is seeking to retain the services of a bonded law office specializing in the field of commercial law.

As the services provided by law offices worldwide vary so greatly, there is a constant need for those representing creditor clients for an up-to-date reference directory, listing only those firms specializing in commercial law. Creditors and law firms who represent creditor clients may access our online directory 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling them to forward matters to our member attorneys interested in receiving them, experienced in a particular field, and willing to pursue the creditor’s rights in a timely manner.

Company Background

The Commercial Bar Law Association has been a vital resource to the commercial law industry since 1927. Our dedication to listing only qualified, well-respected commercial law firms and the security that their matters are handled by experienced professionals dedicated to resolving their problems is the reason for our continued success. At The Commercial Bar Law Association, we strive to provide our forwarders and member attorneys with the highest quality of customer service. We are available to assist with referrals between the forwarder and attorney member.