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  • Judgement Recovery Attorney Network
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The Commercial Bar is a resource for commercial & retail collection agency forwarders and law firms alike.

The Commercial Bar is an international directory of leading law offices engaged in commercial & retail collection law practice. There is a constant need by those representing creditors for an up-to-date reference directory listing those firms who specialize in commercial & retail collections, as well as bankruptcy.

Here Is What Some Of Our Great Attorneys Are Saying!

  • I have been a member of the Commercial Bar for many years. The Law List is one of my go to sources for selecting competent co-counsel when entrusting my client’s debt collection cases with attorneys in other jurisdictions . The client relations department at the Commercial Bar has always been a valuable tool for me to rely on to help me run my practice smoothly and maximize recovery of receivables for my clients. Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq.

    The Gebeloff Law Group – Boca Raton, Florida