What We Offer Forwarders

As most law offices throughout the world are not interested in handling commercial or retail collections, there has always been a need for an up to date reference medium giving the names of those attorneys world wide who are interested in this specialized field and are practicing in it currently.

As forwarders are agents for creditors, they are responsible for the acts of the sub agents (listed lawyers) who they select on behalf of their clients. Through it’s relationship with the Great American Insurance Companies, The Commercial Bar offers the protection of it’s $1,000,000 bond in the event moneys collected by one of our listees is every misappropriated.

Naturally, with many thousands of matters being transmitted to our listees every month, service occasionally falls down. )

And, our job doesn’t stop once the referral has been made. We become the intermediary between forwarder and attorney. Haven’t heard any news for awhile? With a short call to us we can save you time and hassle by quickly and politely getting the information you’re looking for to enable you to be up to date with your client.

Whether you’re using our bound directory, our on-line up-to-date database or our toll-free number, you’ll get the right recommendation fast, with the service and support to relieve concern. Browse our list and locate an attorney you think will meet your needs (and fill out the electronic forms to initiate the referral). Or, if you’d rather, call 1-800-824-9911 and let our qualified customer service staff make recommendations for you. It’s easy, fast, and it’s what we do all day, every day.

So, call The Commercial Bar or browse our on-line directory and join the ranks of top collection agencies and leading law firms who repeatedly enjoy the results and profits Commercial Bar lawyers generate for them.