Account Placement Letter

Fri Apr 12, 2024
File #:

The above named creditor has authorized us, as its agent, and upon the recommendation of THE COMMERCIAL BAR LAW ASSOCIATION, to offer you the above account for collection. If the following rates are not acceptable, do not proceed until your fees have been mutually agreed upon. This claim is forwarded pursuant to the following rates: .

Authorization by the creditor is required before instituting any proceeding, incurring any expense, making any compromise, or granting any extension. The creditor authorizes you to retain your agreed compensation from all sums collected. The creditor prefers that partial collections be remitted as received.

For convenience, and to expedite handling, the creditor prefers that all correspondence be conducted through our office, as its agent; but as attorney for the creditor, you are always free to communicate with the client directly.

If you accept this account, kindly acknowledge receipt by return mail. Please advise promptly of the prospects of settlement and report through us to the creditor as the progress made on a regular basis. If you do not accept this account, please return the papers to us immediately stating your reasons.

We do not expect and will not accept any part or division of your compensation.

This account is forwarded in accordance with the current Operative Guides for Forwarders and Receivers Adopted by the Commercial Law League of America. This account is also forwarded in accordance with the Statement of Principles issued by the American Bar Association under the date of May 4, 1937, and with succeeding opinions and interpretations relative thereto including the Declaration of Fair Practices of Commercial Agencies as approved by the Board of Governors of the Commercial Law of America on July 16, 1981, to which we subscribe.

CC: The Commercial Bar Law Association
212 E Hillsboro Blvd, Suite 1367
Deerfield Beach, FL 33443